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In this picture I have dealt with the inner beauty. Is a beautiful face, or the perfect body actually more important as character?
& why a hippo? He is not only big & ugly. What many don't know is that the hippo is a shy, fat vegan, but which can react incredibly fast & aggressively in case of disturbance. He stands for fertility & protector of the pregnant.


So not everything what isn't perfect at first, is wrong.
Or did I just want to show that even the most beautiful men are still ugly - inside - ? maybe I just hate men & like to disfigure them. who knows.
At first I saw everything black, then it went gray.
the winter sun opened and gave me a little light. A little bit of color.
So go ahead.. Here comes the hippo - MAN.

hippo - MAN

CHF 70.00Preis
  • Bleistift & Wasserfarben auf Papier

  • Din A4

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